The Naked Banker

The third novel in the 'Fane' series by Clive Strutt.

Is London a safe place to bank? It is for drug suppliers, arms dealers, terrorists, and corrupt third world politicians, who hide their ill-gotten gains in London’s banking underworld with impunity. This novel blows the lid off those conniving miscreants whose money laundering and Libor dealings rocked the international banking scene, and who will stoop to murderous lows to hide their misdeeds. This is the book bankers won’t want you to read.

Fane’s private security team is called upon to provide personal protection for a top London banker whose life is under threat from scheming plotters.

Along with the chaos and danger he encounters, a new love enters Fane’s life, and steals his heart.

"The Naked Banker" currently available from Amazon in Kindle format. Click here to Look Inside and / or Purchase on Amazon.

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