Terms & Conditions of Sale - Photos

The low resolution and watermarked photographs on this web site are the property of, and copyrighted to, Clive Strutt.

High-resolution copies without watermark are available for reproduction purposes and can be ordered by email as high-resolution attachments, or, hard copy prints can be ordered and sent by post. A negotiated reproduction fee is payable for all work published.

Reproduction by whatever means of the whole or any part of any image is strictly forbidden without written permission. Neither electronically transmitted high-resolution images nor hard copy prints intended for reproduction purposes should be retained in any retrievable form, and must be destroyed after initial use.

In the first instance contact me by email (click here to contact Clive Strutt) with your proposals regarding when and how an image is intended to be used, and approximate size of reproduction. A credit line is required to be given somewhere in the published material acknowledging the authorship of the image in one of these forms of wording - Photograph by Clive Strutt or Copyright Clive Strutt or ┬ęClive Strutt.

Images used without a credit line will be subject to a 25% surcharge on base rate fees current at time of publication. Unauthorised reproductions will be subject to invoicing at 100% surcharge.

Any individual, or any employee or authorised person acting in good faith on behalf of others, when ordering from this website will have been deemed to have read these conditions, and in so doing will agree to these Terms and Conditions when placing an order.

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